Optimizing Antisense & RNA Chemistry
for CNS Delivery

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Oligonucleotides for CNS Summit

With approvals in siRNA technology, more ASOs hurtling towards human trials in neurology, and exciting headlines in Alzheimer’s and ALS, the draw of CNS targets for oligonucleotides has never been greater. Massive investments and growing pipelines in pharma and biotech alike are working to make these life-changing therapies a reality for previously undruggable targets.

Join 100+ experts and dedicated scientists at the 3rd Oligonucleotides for CNS, the definitive industry forum bringing together leaders to problem-solve, explore invention, and inspire the creation of next-generation oligonucleotide drugs for neurological disorders. Gather with specialists from Biogen, Ionis, Genentech, Eli Lilly, Servier, and Stoke, spanning disciplines of biology, chemistry, toxicology, and clinical innovation.

Tackle genomic target validation, backbone chemistry, effective intracellular delivery, and potency, increased stability for reduced dosing, novel cerebral organoids, CNS device delivery, and CSF oligo distribution to uncover the best approaches for each phase in your pipeline. Take away invaluable lessons that will translate directly into optimizing your oligonucleotide pipeline for the CNS.

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