With 3 days of jam-packed content and 20+ world-class speakers from the likes of Biogen, Ionis, Genentech, Eli Lilly, QurAlis, Praxis, and Servier. The 3rd Annual Oligonucleotides For CNS Summit is the only summit centered on the needs of biotech and pharma specific to CNS oligos.

Join us this June as experts from chemistry, biology, formulation, translational, and clinical disciplines investigate new approaches to oligonucleotide therapies in a range of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. This summit is uniquely placed to inform optimal approaches, this collaborative convention will enable the debate and discussion of thought leaders.

The 3rd Annual Oligonucleotides For CNS Summit is an unmissable event in your 2023 calendar for those looking to explore the potential of ASO, siRNA, mRNA, and miRNA therapeutics in neuroscience.


Whats In Store For 2023?

Scientific presentations, vibrant audience discussions, stimulating symposia, and coordinated networking combine in this definitive annual meeting

A fresh exclusive in-depth workshop day with tracks in therapeutic delivery and neurobiology

Updates as new drugs are brought to human study. Outline the pivotal translational studies that enable effective dosing of ASOs in clinical trials with Praxis and Stoke

Expand the reach of pipelines through target identification and validation with AcuraStem and Mount Sinai, to develop prospects in a range of neurodegenerative and developmental disorders

Build the capabilities and latest methodologies in the formulation of ASOs and LNPs with Biogen and Genentech

What Your Biopharma Peers Have to Say

“Informative and collaborative environment with a group that really wants to push innovation in the field together”

Research Leader, 1E Therapeutics

“Finally, a targeted meeting to discuss CNS specifics and oligonucleotides”

Co-Founder, miCure Therapeutics


“It was overall a great summit to learn and engage with like-minded people working towards CNS delivery of oligonucleotides”

Biologist, Eli Lilly