Workshop C: Optimizing Conjugate-Oligonucleotide Structure-Activity Relationship for Streamlined Brain Shuttle Delivery

Time: 10:45 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day Track C


Balancing between optimizing PK/PD across the blood-brain barrier while maintaining high receptor binding affinity has been a significant bottleneck in the development of efficacious oligonucleotides for CNS diseases. Perfecting the charge, polarization and chemical structure of the therapeutic is critical to drug development success.

Join this workshop to:

  • Explore innovations in LNP conjugation to alter surface charge and improve transport into the CNS and more even distribution throughout the brain
  • Delving into chemistry of intranasal delivery for oligonucleotides to cross the cribriform plate
  • Assessing optimal binding site positioning of conjugates on oligonucleotide: exploiting opportunities across FAB and Fc antibody regions and more