2023 Partners

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Luxna Biotech

Expertise Partner

Luxna Biotech is an antisense drug development company. Core technologies are novel artificial nucleoside Bridged Nucleic Acid (named AmNA®, scpBNA® and GuNA®) and 5’-modified DNA (5’-CPTM). Our research focus on how to manage the acute and delayed neurotoxicity using our modifications, we found several antisense can minimize the neurotoxicity risk. Combined with our Gapmer and SSO integrated discovery platform LuxiAPTM, we are looking for the antisense collaborated development partner and technologies out-license opportunity.



Alloy Therapeutics

Exhibition Partner

Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. Through a community of partners across academia, biotech, and the largest biopharma, Alloy democratizes access to pre-competitive tools, technologies, services, and company creation capabilities that are foundational for discovering and developing therapeutic biologics across six modalities: antibodies, TCRs, genetic medicines, peptides, cell therapies, and drug delivery. Partners may access all current and future technologies through a discovery service relationship or for a flat annual fee through Alloy’s Innovation Subscriptions offering.




Exhibition Partner

Asymchem is a global CDMO that has consistently innovated and invested in new technologies to stay on the forefront of trends in both R&D and production since its inception more than 20 years ago. As a result, Asymchem is well-positioned and structured to be a true global partner in drug development and manufacturing for pharmaceutical and biotech companies by offering integrated solutions across all stages of drug development and into commercialization.


Chem Genes


Exhibition Partner

Established in 1981, ChemGenes has consistently provided the highest quality Phosphoramidites and Solid Supports in the market. Our Massachusetts facility is setup for therapeutic grade phosphoramidites for GMP grade oligonucleotide manufacturing. Furthermore, ChemGenes carries the widest variety of modified phosphoramidites and solid supports currently used in various areas of Nucleic Acid research. ChemGenes remains devoted to providing you with invaluable customer service and comprehensive technical support.