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Nitto Avecia

Exhibition Partner

Oligonucleotides are giving rise to a new generation of therapeutics, and Nitto Avecia is helping lead the way. With more than 25 years’ experience in oligonucleotide development and manufacturing, Nitto Avecia is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical innovators creating new drugs with the power to transform treatment for a wide range of diseases. With the capabilities of Nitto Avecia Pharma Services, Nitto Avecia now offers a comprehensive, end-to-end oligonucleotide solution. This offers the advantage of a single, expert partner handling the entire process from Drug Substance through Drug Product manufacturing with flexible solutions and consistent reliability and quality.



Luxna Biotech

Event Partner

Luxna Biotech is an antisense drug development company. Core technologies are novel artificial nucleoside Bridged Nucleic Acid (named AmNA®, scpBNA® and GuNA®) and 5’-modified DNA (5’-CPTM). Our research focus on how to manage the acute and delayed neurotoxicity using our modifications, we found several antisense can minimize the neurotoxicity risk. Combined with our Gapmer and SSO integrated discovery platform LuxiAPTM, we are looking for the antisense collaborated development partner and technologies out-license opportunity.